Your Journey

A unique 3-part online coaching programme to discover what being a dad really means to you.  

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This Course includes:

45mins+ of audio footage
10,000+ words
Coaching models
Personalised online coaching sessions
Full lifetime access
Mobile friendly content
Certificate of completion

What you’ll learn

✔ How to realign your values so that you are projecting the preferred messages on to your children

✔ Understand more about your belief system and things that might be holding you back

✔ You will improve your sense of self-identity

✔ Develop your work-life balance

✔ Explore your purpose in life since becoming a dad

✔ Learn strategies to increase your level of patience

✔ Breakdown components that contribute to your overall confidence


  • No previous knowledge required – I will take you step by step through the course
  • No specific materials are needed for this course. Taking notes is recommended


Congratulations! You have found the first of its kind Dad Coaching Programme. It contains important information that every dad should know. My expertise is in building relationships. This programme compiles over 2 years of research covering neuroscience, psychology and coaching techniques. It will challenge your understanding of yourself and what being a father means to you.

If there’s a universal thing we want our children to be when they grow up… it’s happy and confident.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could learn this from you?


The science behind the course

Our mindset is moulded in our childhood and influenced by our environment and significant emotional events. Our mind then looks for patterns to predict the outcome that most commonly occurs.

Neuroscience tells us that you can rewrite these stories by revisiting your values and beliefs and deciding now, how relevant they are to the you of today.


A personalised programme

Every course includes personalised coaching sessions to take you on your journey. That is what is so important about this course! If you want to make long term changes to your life, the coaching element is going to help you put action steps in place to make that possible.


Who this course is for?

Dads who are ready to be honest with themselves and committed to making changes to their life that will benefit both themselves and those around them.


Dentist from London

I have seen positive changes in myself. One of the best feedbacks I could have received was hearing from others the joy that my change has also brought in them. That’s possibly one of the biggest takeaways from this course. In the future, I will be better prepared to enjoy the relationship with my daughter and be less likely to let things interrupt that relationship in terms of my work.


National Sales Director, Brighton

Steve set out his approach and expectations and what would be covered and how it would work. In addition he used videos and documents to help either explain or support the caucusing sessions. Using a multi media approach suited my style very well.

The actual coaching sessions where I worked a challenge and agreed a goal were great. Steve was able to help guide you through the session to ensure that I came up with the solution. He also challenged me well to make sure I was happy with the output and was comfortable with the agreed goal. I also liked the fact that the goals and outputs were very practical and helped resolved day to day challenges that were getting in the way. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Steve as a coach.


Entrepreneur from London

Steve is a great coach. Some of his biggest strengths include his ability to really listen, his smootheness and ability to ask good question and also his ability to challenge me and insire action. During our sessions, I felt really understood and free to share openly due to the great rapport that he had built. Steve was good at drawing out my strengths and raising my awareness to them.

I typically came to Steve with quite big goals. However, his skillful questions allowed me to break these down and challenged me to devise a plan of acttion to help me move forward. I felt support supported throughout process and free to think of solutions that I wouldn’t have othiswise arrived at.  Steve always creates healthy and professional environment for our sessions. Its been a real pleasure working with Steve and I would highly recommend him as a coach.



Business Development Manager from Manchester
During the first session, Steve helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, as well as career aspirations. This allowed me to create a clear career path and set out the immediate goal.

We decided on the next course of action and all the steps required. The follow up session expanded upon these steps and helped me track my progress.

The overall impact of my 2 coaching sessions with Steve helped me secure a full-time role in the events industry. Steve was very helpful. I would definitely recommend you use his services.



Facilitator and Speaker from Chester

I asked Stephen to coach me when I was struggling to determine a way forward in my speaking career – especially around marketing myself. Stephen’s approach was incredibly supportive but at the same time he put a structure in place that stopped me just unloading all my thoughts and woes onto him. By getting me to focus on what I wanted, rather than where I was, I was able to clarify the pathway that I wanted to follow.

The end result was the production with a month of a brand new website and winning a major speaking award. This would not have been possible without Stephen’s gentle, supportive and challenging coaching.



Parish Leader from Manchester

Steve coached me on the area of parenting. It was very helpful to have someone to ask me questions around this area in a way I haven't experienced before. He listened well and helped me clarify some simple and effective ways to move forward.



Management Information Manager from Durham

I've found Steve's material really useful in helping me achieve more focus and balance in my family and working life. The Facebook group is also a good platform to connect with other Dad's facing similar issues. Steve is sharing his journey too so it's authentic and personal.



Teacher from Bolton

Mindset Dad has really helped me to readjust my work life balance vs my Dad duties. Shifting my focus by using Steve’s mini online training courses have enabled me to have better quality time with my boys and for myself. I feel much happier and at peace all round!