What is Mindset dad?

Personal coaching to empower dads on their fatherhood journey


Why Mindset Dad?

Becoming a father is arguably the pinnacle moment in any man’s life. You are no longer just a son, You’re the daddy, the creator of life…

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What do we offer?

Programmes to transform the mindset of dads

Introductory Offer

Part 1 FREE

The Mindset Dad Journey

A unique 3-part online coaching programme to discover what being a dad really means to you.

This personalised programme will help you realign your values and beliefs so that you are projecting the preferred messages on to your children. You will improve your sense of self-identity, develop your work-life balance, explore your purpose in life since becoming a dad and learn strategies to increase your level of patience and overall confidence. Above all, you want your children to be happy and confident. Wouldn’t it be great if they could learn this from their dad?


1:1 Mindset Strategies

Personalised sessions to help dads feel empowered, gain perspective, improve mindset and become the happy, present and confident dads they know they can be. Steve has been trained by The Coaching Academy, the world’s largest trainer of coaches. The models, frameworks and coaching standards are of the highest standards in the market and proven to get results.

first90 Programme

This workplace programme lays the foundation into fatherhood; developing effective habits; mindset and coaching tools to increase the productivity and focus of first-time dads. The ideal way for employers to improve the mental health and wellbeing of their new dads. Tailored to the values of your organisation.

The Kid Coach Programme

Learn the skills you need to develop a growth mindset in your children. They will be motivated to succeed, fearlessly face new challenges and develop a skill of persistence.




I had looked forward to having children all my life. I would say it was my main purpose in life and something that I felt would come very naturally to me. In 2015 I was lucky enough to become the father to a baby boy! The ultimate dream come true! Without doubt, one of the proudest moments of my life.
There was a feeling that something incredibly important had happened and I was obviously extremely happy. However, this very quickly descended into a state of anxiety, loss of confidence and loss of control. In fact, I became a nervous wreck!…

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